Dancewave: Branding and Identity
Dancewave | Role: Lead Designer
Branding, Identity, Marketing Design | 2014-17 | Brooklyn NY

Dancewave provides all NYC youth access to a supportive dance experience that embraces and encourages individuality and equips students with the life skills to unlock their full potential as people and community members. (
I led the conceptualization and design of the main brand graphic and identity system for Dancewave. Thereafter, also led design efforts for all marketing collaterals. The Dancewave video was created by Phylos, in consultation with the the Marketing Lead (Me), the Executive Director, the board and all other Department leads.

 The genesis of the new visual identity is equally focused on Dancewave’s values and personality. By looking to the Brooklyn Bridge for inspiration, we have taken a local, iconic and unifying symbol, and used it to form an identity that represents the convergence and divergence of peoples and ideas. The culmination of this cultural kaleidoscope is authentic expression through dance. Owing to its bold lines and mosaic-like forms, the new Logo-mark represents the energetic uniqueness which Dancewave embodies. 

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